Richie Cyngler

future lutruwita

future lutruwita is a graphic anthology, bringing together nineteen Tasmanian artists, all speculating on a future. The book was published in 2023. For more information or to purchase the book click here.

Georgia Morgan, 2021

We hung two exhibitions, a works in progress exhibition at Rosny School House in 2022 and a launch exhibition at Haus of Vovo in 2023.

This project was supported by Arts Tasmania and the Australia Council for the Arts.

Noosphere aka EEG piece 2.0

telepathy & shared consciousness; noospheric exploration

This iteration of the EEG piece examines the premise that consciousness is a technology which can be shared and explored. The system feedsback brainwave frequencies to participant/ performers via strobe lights, audio, and vibration. I think of this performance as an infinite mirror, reflecting back on itself, feeding the participants their own brain signals in real time, delayed only by processing. Reflection may lead to awareness. Awareness may lead to transformation.

EEG piece 1.6

Music for Various Groups of Performers (After Lucier). The basic structure of the piece is a group improvised performance, which has been presented at festivals and conferences around the world at the intersection of music, art, and technology. Each performance meets and engages with local participants or other festival contributors, everyone has brainwaves. The work explores the dynamics of interpersonal interaction and corollaries between brain signals and behaviour through improvised live performance, and sonification & visualisation of live EEG data.


Airplay is a series of spatialised acoustic sound sculptures, designed as temporary public art. The piece works with the wind, playing string instrument objects which are installed around the site. You feel the wind, you hear its force move.

The work was supported by the City of Hobart. In 2020 this piece co-won the aquision prize at Birches Bay Art Farm.

Urban Oracle

Untether the umbilical - Visit the Urban Oracle, for just a moment. Or as long as you like. Be present, no remote access here. Urban Oracle is not your papa's information nodule. Zhe is discrete. The Loardz and Laddeez don't want you to leave [login/cancel]. But why not sojourn... a quiet moment to reflect. Orchard Loardz, Numerous Numeral Laddeez, Counts of Countenances, and all those other Juking Dukes will take you back - (don't) despair they kneeaad you after all.

Take your time... Formulate your questions... and ask. All questions must take the form of a URL, for Universal Resources must be Located. Peh is Urbane and particular. Use your wurdz, string them together, no spaces of course (gaps leave room for daemons, don't break the circle). End it with a magic word. Seeking your fortune? .biz | Community concerns? .org | Casting wide? .net | media mogul? .tv | Everything is permitted? .com...

Now is time to DIVINE


# Urban Oracle is a wifi hotspot, a sacred shrine of divination.

# A contemplation application. hacked together via network pranks, config tweaks and sudo shenanigans.


Richie Cyngler is a multidisciplinary artist based in nipaluna, lutruwita (Hobart, Tasmania). He likes to explore subjectivity and consciousness in his work. His current work employs sound, sculpture, interactivity, print, and performance. Richie enjoys collaboration with other artists and makers. He is skilled in a number of creative software frameworks and hardware platforms, and is a proponent and user of open source technologies and ethics. Richie has performed and exhibited locally and internationally. He is grateful for the support of a number of funding bodies, festivals, conferences and exhibitions both nationally and abroad. Richie completed his MFA by research at VCA in 2021.