Richie Cyngler

other work

N01SΣ λ0Ga

transmission ritual

N01SΣ ¥0Ga "You ask me what is, at the present time, the greatest obstacle to human progress. I answer in one word: NOISE."

teChNoisis = ΔΔΔΔΔΔΔ is nothing but a series of electrical charges. Even the most fundamental quality of all, mass, has been found not to exist. The same is true of the matter in our brains which is partly responsible for these perceptions. What then are these qualities of which we are all so sure? They would not exist without our brains; they would not exist without the ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪.

selected collaborations

Jill Orr's Listening

Listening is a durational work by Jill Orr in collaboration with me and the community. Set in a magical quarry, this performance weaves and dreams something that may be felt as ‘ancient in the now.’

Unconscious Collective's Hypnapod

HYPNAPOD is a live audio-visual artwork generated by the collective biorhythms of snoozing audience members.

Audience members are invited to relax in self-contained cocoon-like pods, which monitor their individual pulses using commercially-available biosensors. The pulses are then sonified to produce a polyrhythmic drone-like soundscape, which is fed back to participants using mini-speakers or headphones. As relaxation deepens, participant pulse rates begin to synchronise, eliciting a dream-like sense of connection.

This version of Hypnapod commisioned by UTas Menzies research building. Collaborative interactive heartbeat sensing sound furniture.